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Create Tableau Connector to Microsoft Flow

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Microsoft Flow Will enable Automation to do Multiple things for Different Apps . The Connectors for Multiple Softwares is already Available.


Flow Website: Automate processes + tasks | Microsoft Flow


Use Case: Access Controls  - Lot more...see below

  1. In Tableau  ,we need to Add users to tableau servers, sites, Groups,  Projects, and Workbooks with an Approval from Owner of the Content or Site admin via flow , emails etc...
  2. Add All the Viz alerts to Sharepoint to Track Metrics
  3. Download Content from Tableau server and Save for Future
  4. Automate saving/downloading of workbooks for versioning on SharePoint
  5. etc.....


Solution:  for #1 Using Tableau API (via Flow Connector ) we can Design a Form for Access request where user requests his need and with Flow we should be able to add use after Approvals .


Solution:  for rest ...Build a connector for the tableau. Seems Simple if someone Know how to use rest api . List of supported connectors | Microsoft Flow

Browse Templates | Microsoft Flow

Documentation :Get started | Microsoft Flow


If you use O365 or Microsoft Products in your Org, Flow saves a lot of time with automation.


API connector overview | Microsoft Flow


Sample: Power BI :Power BI | Microsoft Flow

Sample: Sales force Connector :


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