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Make Tooltips More Visual and Interactive for Maps

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I have a project that includes data from many people in different parts of the world. I create maps. Imagine a map of the world's biologists.


Currently, when I hover over each person's data marker, in the Tooltip, I can only see static text, no images/photos of people possible.


For my project, I'd like for Tableau Public to consider making it possible for Tooltips to include:


1. Images/photos of people

2. Active hyperlinks that can be clickable (instead of static text currently)


I've been experimenting with Google FusionTables and find that I can insert images into their version of the Tooltip, known as the Information Window (visible on the click rather than hover). The Information Window allows for clickable hyperlinks and allows for CSS edits. (see attached screen shot from my GFT example)


It would be thrillingly useful/informative to have images/photos and clickable hyperlinks to the Tableau Public Tooltip windows and make vizzes even more visually engaging. The more data options, the better. Would be also useful if images themselves can be hyperlinked.


The stuff of fantasy?  An application/software for making maps that is a combination of Tableau Public (data filtering and searching capability especially) and Google Fusion Tables (dynamic information windows).





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