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Enable pass through of Tableau Server user in Snowflake connector

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At Notre Dame we are using Tableau with Snowflake database.  In order to implement database security (filter results returned from database based on user logged into Tableau) we need Tableau server to pass the logged in user name to Snowflake via the Snowflake connector. 


It is our understanding that Snowflake is almost done with the work required on their end and is just waiting on Tableau to do the work on its end. 


We need Tableau to pass the user through to Snowflake so that when Tableau executes a query to a secure view that we created, the query can call the appropriate Snowflake database function to filter the result by that user.


We currently do this in Tableau with SQL Server.  We use SQL Server Impersonation for this:


We need this same concept to work with Tableau and Snowflake.


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