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Tableau online Performance Recording features

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Tableau online version does not have the option to enable the performance recording features, the settings for Record workbook performance metrics is not available on the Tableau online.It will be nice to have this performance recording feature enabled for tableau online version too.


If anyone need to know how long my dashboard takes to run, should  now need to manually refresh the workbook and clock the time for the total run time. This does not helps me finding Query execution, Layout computations,Connections to data sources and Geo coding etc. We  need to ask the DBA's to monitor how long the queries takes to run.


It would be very nice if Tableau can enable the Performance Recording features on the Tableau online version as well. This will helps the customers like us to enjoy the full benefit of Tableau server features on the Tableau online version too.


--> Community Manager update [Ciara Brennan]

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