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Using Tableau to solve operational reporting scenarios at university medical centers

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I'm an analyst at UCSD Health who is interested in forming a workgroup to tackle some specific revenue cycle operational and 'light analytic' reporting scenarios.


Operational reports in this sense are major data repositories affecting long term financial reporting. Light analytics means something an analyst can extract from a larger data set in under an hour each work day which reflects something actionable for a team, perhaps even making adjustments in the cadence and timing of tasks that work day.


Some examples are


Modelling revenue cycle relevant contracts


Depicting revenue flows by lines of business

Sharing credit balance opportunities with vendors and patient financial services teams


AT UC, each medical center feeds its financial data upwards to the UC Office of the President UCOP. This presents a really special opportunity to work within UC on common financial activities - and fortunately, we have an internal UCOP Tableau User Group to help us leverage our work.


More broadly, we are looking to capture key performance indicators KPIs for hospital and professional billing workflows in EPIC. Our vision there could be expressed in Tableau, but more likely we would use Tableau data sets to perform short controlled experiments with specific teams. Geckoboard is a useful tool for harvesting a data store and displaying team specific information on dashboards that are broadcast to TV monitors near where the team actually performs.


At the moment - aside from general participation in Tableau sponsored communities, we invite people to collaborate on a project workbench in ResearchGate. This work is being updated weekly here < >.


Christopher Felker



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