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ServiceNow Connection to PPS/PPM in addition to ITSM

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Currently in latest version ServiceNow ITSM is a connection in Tableau Desktop/Server, however it stops there.  Please extend the connection to capture data from the ServiceNOW PPM/PPS (project portfolio mgt and resource mgt areas)


"ServiceNow® Project Portfolio Management connects the dots from the initial idea to project execution with ubiquitous visibility. Centralized demand management optimizes prioritization and planning. When demand becomes projects, resource management tracks planned and unplanned work in one place, providing visibility into resource usage. Agile management, testing, and other collaboration tools improve productivity and enable delivery of high‑quality services faster."


Project Portfolio Management (PPM) | ServiceNow

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PLEASE!   this would prevent us from data replication and storage of this data and enable us to further expand tableau usage. huge business value!



Director @ Cox Enterprises


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