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Ability to change the label of 'All', 'None' and 'and n more'

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The only localization option what you can't customize for end users is Quick filter selection '(All)' and the dynamic labels 'All', 'None' and 'and n more'. When you build a viz in other language than UI (8 options), you are able to localize all other stuff (data, labels, field names, titles, grand total labels, number&date formats etc.), but not these ones. I believe that the most logic way could be a similar option than for 'Grand total labels'. At the moment, you can customize those very well (each graph), but an option in 'Format Workbook' pane would be great too! As a conclusion, add label formatting for 'Grand total, 'total', 'All', '(All)', 'None' and 'and n more' to 'Workbook formatting pane'.


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