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Allow Action Filters on Story

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Hi Tableau Engineers,


I would like to request to enable dashboard action filters on Story level.



We are building enterprise scale dashboards that use a lot of action filters (Menu) to navigate to different angles of data that are spread across multiple dashboards. In order to make the action filters(menu) work, we have to publish all the dashboards and show them as tabs. At the end user's side, they see 'N' tabs which gives them a confusing experience when they drill down. We want to be able to provide our end users with a smooth drill down functionality without letting them know the 'N' number of dashboards behind the scenes.


Therefore, we would like to request the ability to use the dashboard action filters on story level. We have action filters(menu) set at the dashboard level however, when we add these dashboards to a story, the action filters (menu) do not work.


It would be great if there was a feature to 'Hide/Show' the Story Navigator. That would help us to give an app like feel to our dashboard. The end user would only see the 1st dashboard and later they can navigate to other dashboards  by using the menu functionality.







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