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Show suspended tasks in the task window.

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There needs to be a change the handling of suspended tasks. We had a database issue which means that for 24 hours extracts that used that data source were failing. After 5 attempts the extracts have been suspended.  The admins get the emails and the alert icon in the top right of the server page shows all the attempts to refresh the server. However, getting a list of those suspended tasks is nigh on impossible from the default status pages. There is no indication from the tasks pages, that some of these tasks will never run again until something is done to them. As a server admin i find that unacceptable, that Tableau has decided to take tasks off the schedule, but not identify them. There should be an icon or some clear indication that a task in the task list has been suspended and a clickable link or some other action so that you can restart a selection in bulk. If the alert window gets cleared there is then no indication of anything wrong and then relies on the users noticing the data hasnt updated.  I have built a dashboard to show me this information from the postgresdb but this should be built into the server itself. You cannot have the server decided to not run a task, and not make it clearly identifiable to admins


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