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Ability to deny 'Edit tags' functionality on Tableau Server for non site or server administrators

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We use Tags in a very structured way, every time a new visualisation is uploaded to Tableau Server we apply a number of tags from a set list and then users use the tags to filter content.


Our site or server administrators apply the tags when a visualisation is first uploaded but we found out today that any user (in this instance an interactor) can go to the bottom of a report and click 'Edit tags' and add their own tags to the report, hence potentially corrupting the structured list of tags that the site and server administrators have worked hard to maintain.


It would be fantastic if the permissions settings could be amended to allow for this functionality to be restricted. An easy option would be to simply extend the add and view comments function permissions to also include the edit tags, or a new function of edit tags could be created in the permissions window.


Thanks for your time in considering this.




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