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Dashboard Info Component

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As a standard we found it very crucial to add an info on the dashboard - this is the place we elaborates about the report, actions, specials calculation, bias...

In addition, we specifying the report owner name and the date created and the last date updated.

In order to have it now, we need to workaround it with dummy sheet - one value as a shape and the info stored in the toll-tip.


It will be best to have this capability out of the box in the dashboard.

In addition, it will be great to decorate the info with the following(Mark it in a special notification icon)

    • New version loaded ( 1 week +-)
    • It's a popular report
    • Data is not up to date (change it to red background) - this is a bit complicated due to the fact that some reports are with with old date, but the naive check can compare with today..... or provide the option for us to set the acceptable delta from today.
    • The avarage loading time
  • Merge all info from all dashboards and add them to the workbook descriptions








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