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Tableau ONLINE Usage Stats

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As I understand currently we are unable to create custom reports for Usage Stats if we are using Tableau Online.


As we strive for Tableau adoption we are building KPI's around users Tableau activity - currently there is no standard reporting that allows me to share with managers their direct reports Tableau Online activity.   I have even looked at downloading data from the online reports as a cross tab with the view to building a report around that data if I manually extract it regularly - however I still can't get the data I need to report users by views.


I am sure this is an issue for other Server Online admins so lets start voting!



--> Community Manager update [Ciara Brennan]

As per update courtesy of Eden Heller, this Idea is now marked as In Beta

Tableau Online just released a new feature in beta called Admin Insights. Admin Insights provides you with easy-to-use, curated data sources that enable you to monitor Tableau adoption, identify popular content, and manage users. This feature is generally available to all Online site admins with 5+ users on their site.

To try it out, just go to the Status page where you can enable the feature. Join our beta program today to learn more!



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