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KPIS with change over previous period

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This is very common request by Clients and Tableau should provide a out-of-box solution. When displaying KPIs users like to see change over prior period. Similar to this



Currently using look up and bunch of formulas we can achieve this, but if I have to display 6 critical KPIs I have to create tons of formulas and worksheets to achieve this. It makes it very hard to design and maintain and consumes significant amount of time. If Tableau's motto is to be business user friendly, I would envision this:

1. There should be a KPI Object  in the dashboard.

2. Users drag it and place it on the dashboard. It will prompt them to select what they want to see, for example sales, orders, profits etc, whatever is in the measures.

3. then user adds Time period, like 7 days

4. Then user should have option to see some option like 'Change over Previous period'


The final result should be as show in the picture above. More info in the attachment.


Assumptions: Few blogs covering this work has already been explored and it did not work in real-time scenarios.



Workbook: Surrey Council Residents Survey - KPI Dashboard  (this one is kind of close but not out-of-box)

Breaking BI: Using the LOOKUP() function in Tableau

Current vs Previous Period to Date Comparison

Market Share change vs Prior Period


Alternatively will there be a developer code to create this kind of wizard?  Like can we create an add-in to Tableau? The idea is to re-use for multiple dashboards across organization.





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