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Presto Teradata ODBC Connector Timezone Setting

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While using Presto Teradata ODBC Connector from Tableau desktop window version installed on local machine with different time zone of the Presto server. e.g. GMT+2 it's the local time zone and the Presto server it's UTC.

The ODBC convert the date-time fields to GMT+2 (we need to keep it UTC)

It's very confusing and changed the table aggregated result .



From the Teradata Presto ODBC installation file :

it is possible to set the timezone by changing the TimeZoneID parameter.

Page : 41 Time Zone ID  - Key Name Default Value Required TimeZoneID System time zone

This option specifies the local time zone that the driver uses. Valid values for this option are specified in the IANA Time Zone Database.

For a complete list of time zones, see time_zones.



For some reason, after adding this parameter into the registry, tableau ignore it.

Please add the option to the connector setting panel in order to be able to change the TimeZoneID


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