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Add user security to schedules

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When a schedule is created on Tableau Server all users who have publisher permissions can use any schedule. This is a problem when you have mid-day extract refreshes for things like published data sources but you want to limit your self-service publishers to only be able to refresh extracts during non-peak hours. This is a governance problem that can impact server performance for all users if not monitored. We have labeled mid-day schedules with "by permission only" in the name of the schedule which helps and we talk about it in our user groups but we still go out and check every morning for someone scheduling a mid-day extract without permission. When we find them we have to send them nasty grams and threaten to take away their publisher permissions but we'd rather solve the problem with this feature.


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We are likely going to have to remove all mid-day schedule schedules and use Tabcmd but that is an external process that we'll have to build and monitor when it should be handled by the server UI.


There were two other ideas on this forum for the same thing but one was archived and the other has -5 votes which I find mind boggling. Who would think this is a bad idea? This should be core functionality.


security on schedules (archived)


Add security to schedules (-5 votes)


Add user security to schedules (4votes)


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