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Highlight Unused Calculated Fields/Show dependencies for calculated fields.

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We build a lot of calculated fields while we build the Vizs. However we end up in using just a few in the final Viz. We more often than not forget to get rid of unused calculated fields. Finding such unused fields is a tedious job. We need to right click on each such field and click 'Delete'. If the calculated field is used a message box pops up warning you about the 'Delete' action. It essentially means that Tableau somehow somewhere can calculate dependency. I am requesting 2 soft improvements.


1. Highlight a calculated field if it is used/not used in the Viz.

2. When you right click on a calculated field (say A) provide an option in Context Menu, say 'View Dependencies'. Once you click on 'View Dependencies' it should show list of all the sheets, other calculated fields that use calculated field A.


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