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Pre Loaded Census data in Tableau

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While at the customer conference, a customer (Laura)  Made a fantastic suggestion- That Tableau allow for the use of pre-loaded and updated Census data, similar to the geocoding/ mapping  we have available. I think this would be very useful to analysts who's role is user demographic, Employee diversity, or other human-focused roles.


Some considerations:

1) While Census data in the US is readily available, A cleaned version pre-loaded or easily available would really ease the consumption of this content.

2) Different countries likely collect different information, so the ability to cross reference between countries may not be accurate or complete.

3) Because this is publicly available information in the States, I find it likely to be acceptable to use here- however, I have not done research on how other countries handle data of this nature, and have not considered any implications to country or minority safety that this may impact.



I can see this being super interesting to work with as sample data, and useful to use for organizational comparison!



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