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Pass (All) in a URL action rather than the entire list

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I have some filters that have long multi-select drop downs about 30,000k or more in some cases.


When I pass the multi-select values to a url it makes the url to long and I get a server error.


Most of the time the user will select some small portion of the data from the filters but there  is multiple filters and they don't always use every filter.  So at the moment what happens is all the filters set to (All) send every value.  Even sending just related filter values is too long.


Tableau doesn't provide an easy way to identify if the filter has been affected.  All my filters are in context because I am having to Top N row limit my results.  Because they are in context I can't use a LOD expression.  Contextual filters are calculated before LOD functions.


That leaves me only one way to identify filter changes.  I have to duplicate the datasource.  Yes, I can publish the data source and then use two connections to it.  The problem is my dashboard is already operating sluggishly because of the amount of data and all the contextual filters and row level calculations.  I have cleaned it up as much as I am willing to at this point.  I would also have to create a calculation that looked at and compared every filter to build the url.


Bottom line is none of the options for passing or not passing anything when (All) is selected are optimal.  At this point I am left with no options to pass existing filters to a remote dashboard resulting in the user having to enter the same filters on the host dashboard and then again on the remote dashboard.



Automatically recognize when (All) is selected and pass the (All) constant to the remote dashboard rather than the entire list.


The remote dashboard would recognize the (All) value and automatically select all.


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