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Allow Ownership changes without breaking Embedded Credentials

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Allow the option to change Ownership of objects (workbooks, data sources) without erasing/breaking its embedded credentials.


At the enterprise level it's often the case where a non-full time employee (intern, contractor, consultant) will create content (workbook and/or data source) for a project and then move on (school starts, contract ends, etc.).  The object then goes to another person, typically someone who is full-time but not always.  Even full-time employees can create content and then transfer to another group or leave the company, requiring the content to change ownership.  Thus there is a need to make ownership changes and typically with multiple objects at the same time when the original owner moves on.  While Tableau Server allows ownership changes, doing so clears any embedded credentials in the object and thus breaks it, for example with scheduled refreshes.  While I understand this makes for a good default security measure it's a real issue when security is already part of the entire report creation process.



I would recommend that when a Site or Server administrator performs an ownership change they are given the option to keep embedded credentials.  This option should be available in any API and command line functions, too.


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