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walk (someone) through

To guide (someone) deliberately through (a process), one step at a time:

She walked me through the installation of new software.



It would be very helpful for beginners and intermediate users alike if  Show Me  was made even better as recently suggested by Joshua Milligan  in Enhance Show-Me to be a personal data viz trainer. Another nice feature would be to show users step-by-step how a viz was made as suggested in  Show and document how to build active workbook. It would also be great if various Short Video Tutorials  were made available in Desktop in an organized way a la Show Me.



Show overview of various visualizations that one step at a time from start to end guide users on how to build chosen viz. I am thinking about something similar to Show Me, just richer by also including other chart types and variations.




Version 1

Have a walk-through of pre-designed visualizations with Tableau sample data.

       This also makes it possible to accompany the same with pre-recorded video tutorials (sofa mode).

Optional (on/off) info that helps users to understand what goes on

        and thus makes them less dependent on step-by-step recipes.  See also.

Export of steps. By default (1) just what to do (very short), but optionally (2) with explanations.

        Another option is (1) text only or (2) with canvas in background.


Version 2

include more advanced charts, so intermediate and advanced users also benefit from this.


Version 3

Add a practice mode so users can check if they know how to build a certain viz with less or no help.


Version 4

it would be great if this worked with users' own data. Pre-profiled data would make this less difficult to do.


Version 5

Make it possible for users to create their own guides and make it easy for them to share them.


Version 6

Guide users on how to re-build existing worksheets.  See also.



Enhance Show-Me to be a personal data viz trainer

Show and document how to build active workbook

Learning Tableau


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