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Auto select the first value in a quick filter

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I would like the ability to make quick filters more dynamic by automatically selecting the first value in the list. I can see this helping in 2 main areas, each of which we've struggled to come up with workarounds.


1. With this option, date filters will have the ability to always show the most current time period. The way it works now is that if I have a dashboard with a month filter, when the workbook is refreshed with new data, the new month rolls in but the quick filter still shows the old month (since the workbook was saved with that month selected). With this option, the quick filter will automatically show the most recent month since it would be the first value in the list. This assumes of course I'm sorting the list in descending order.


2. Another way this helps is with quick filters that only show relevant values. To use an example of Category and Subcategory filters where subcategory is set to only show relevant values. A user selects Furniture as the category and Office Chairs as the subcategory. But if they now go back to select Office Supplies as the category the viz will go blank. Why? Because Office Chairs is not a valid subcategory of Office Supplies.


With an option to automatically select the first value, this wouldn't be an issue. When the user selects a different category, the subcategory quick filter will automatically show the first value in the list.


I can see this auto select option kicking in anytime there's a data refresh, when the workbook initially loads and when a quick filter is set to show only relevant values.


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