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Default map center and zoom

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Most people are used to a map where Europe is in the center like it is on any standard map we know. However Tableau centers the map automatically by data instead which can create awkward map views. Also Tableau autozooms in to show only regions which have data.


I have an example where by default the map centers on the pacific (so Europe is sort of cut in half). I could pan it to show the "normal" map layout (with EU in center) and fix it with the pin.

However I also have a filter to show only Asia, America etc. When a certain continent is selected in the filter I want the map to zoom and focus on that region as it automatically does but only if the map is not fixed by the pin. But if then the user selects "all" again in the continent filter it zoomes back out but again jumps into that Pacific centered view. See my dilemma?


Ideal would be if I could define the default center and zoom of the map which it always jumps back to when removing the pin or setting the filter to "all" again (regardless of the data shown).


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