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Ability to rename Dashboard Objects   [RELEASED | 2019.1]

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I have a Dashboard with 6 Vertical objects and 21 Horizontal objects. With so many objects, the "Object" menu under the Layout tab is quite difficult to navigate: which vertical object is which?


It would be nice if there was functionality to rename each object under the Object list so that I don't have to click each one to find the one I want. That way I could give each layout object its own unique name.


To explain better, please look at the attached. It's a screenshot of 6 Vertical objects. My suggestion is to offer the ability to rename each one. For example, instead of "Vertical", one could say "Payroll"; another could say "Hours"; another could say "Margin" etc.


** Community Manager note: This feature released with 2019.1 Check out the new features page to see a full list of what’s included in this release

Thank you! Amanda Boyle


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