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Custom Views Removed when Workbook/Datasource Changed: Improve Mapping

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The use of custom views is an amazing way to keep track of the information important to each user without duplicating effort relevant to each usage scenario. For example, A custom view allows a salesperson to keep track of their accounts without having to select all of their specific fields and filter settings each time they access the view, or requiring the creation of complicated filters that filter data down for each user.


Currently, the custom views are somewhat delicate. If the datasource is changed in anyway that "touches" the custom view's query, the Custom View query becomes invalid, and the custom view is removed.


Giving users the ability to re-map their data is one way to resolve this- but that is a very complicated process, likely to be more painful to customers than just recreating the custom view from scratch.


I propose the consideration of an updated mapping algorithm that allows the customized views to dynamically update when a change is published. Perhaps the mapping would be done by the publisher at the time of re-publishing, which is more work for the publisher- however, this allows the mapping process to occur once instead of having every user of the view required to recreate their custom view every time the workbook datasource or field names are changed.



I think there are a lot of usage cases that would benefit from such changes.



For reference: create custom views


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