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Allow Comments, Tags, Votes on Tableau Public Dashboards

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Allow Comments, Tags, Votes on Tableau Public Dashboards.



Tableau Public is a social site where users create and display their fancy dashboards.

However, currently there is a lack of these features.


Imagine a packed stadium with mute audience. Given a chance, our silent audience would like to cheer / applaud / suggest.

This idea is to add following features on Tableau Public Site:


1) Allow Tags: Users would like to Tag their dashboards to get better hits for keyword searches.


2) Allow Comments: Visitors (registered members) would like to Comment on a specific dashboard to share their opinion. Authors would like to collect feedback just like Tableau Forum....


3) Votes: Vote a dashboard is very necessary. This feature can be an indicator of a cool / fancy dashboard. Dashboards can be ranked on the Tableau Public Gallery page using Votes (as shown in this image). Ranking dashboards based on Highest Votes would definitely be a promoting factor for Tableau Public. Votes could be used as an indicator to evaluate a dashboard competing for an Iron Viz / Viz Contest.....















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