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Set dynamic value for input parameter slider min and max value

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Tableau report is using a slider which is a parameter to let user choose a date to show report.

Besides data update, it updates the reference line in chart as well.

With the growth of dates, the default value of this parameter and max of the parameter slider should be max value of date table, or, yesterday's date.


Current problem is that when setting the max and min value of the input parameter for the slider, it only supports fixed value, not dynamic value.

We hope the max date is yesterday, so that, user will not slide to today or future which does not have data in report at all.

That means, the max date needs to be updated dynamically.

In current situation, we can set it from field, but it just extract the current value and keep it there.  It won’t refresh when report is opened tomorrow.

That makes us to edit the parameter everyday just to update the max value of the slider.

RequestWe request to have this capability to set default value and max slider value to be max or min value of a table, or, to a dynamic date such as dateadd(day,-1, getdate())



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