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Tableau Online Email Invites - More Methods for Sending and Re-Sending

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Email invite went to spam and the user had no access to their spam folder.  Access was blocked by an IT policy.  User can not get into Tableau Online to access the reports they paid to have access to.


Possible solutions might be:

1)     Under users in Tableau Online allow site admins the option to copy an invite link so that they can send the link from their email.  Sending this way would be less likely to be blocked or go to spam.

2)     CC the site admin so that the site admin can then forward the email in case the email does not get to the invitee for any reason.

3)     Being able to send the invite as a text message with the link in it.  This would be good for mobile users.


Also, It would be nice if there was a re-send invite option under users for those users that have not signed in yet.  In a few cases the users lost or deleted the invite by mistake and then I had to remove them and then re-add them in order for them to get the invite again.  This is not an ideal solution for when you just need to re-send the invite.


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