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Thai Font for Tableau Desktop UI should be larger (Or use "Tahoma" instead of "Angsana New" Font)

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Currently Thai Tableau users have issues about default Thai Font in Tableau Desktop.


Here is the sample text file I used.



Language.txt (English, Thai, Japanese and Korean Language)







When I imported to Tableau, you will see the default Thai Font is Angsana New, which is not a good font for displaying Thai Language on screen.


But for other language such as Japanese and Korean, they displayed fine.



And default display in Tableau Desktop UI for almost every panels are so small.



We can make the font in data display area larger but not for UI element.


(Changed to Tahoma, 10px)




Here is what it should be (for Thai Language).


This image was photoshopped.










I created support ticket (Case# 02180924) and submit the idea to beta channel already.


Thai users, please help voting this idea up, thanks.



Vorapol S.


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