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Track traffic to custom views

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This idea is a result of my forum post here: Customized Views usage stats


We are an OEM customer with external clients, and we allow them to save customized views. I have a feeling that they save a custom view, then never (or rarely, at least) come back to use them.  The views_stats table records ALL traffic to the original view, but doesn't show whether the user accessed the custom view.  Every access is tied to the ID of the original view.


We have a strong business case for knowing the difference.  Any time we deploy a changed version to an original view, any current custom views are at risk of deletion, depending on the extent of the deployed changes.  Because we allow our customers to save custom views, we would like to know who is using custom views so we can inform them of the impending change.  Currently, we are relegated to guessing who would be impacted.


My proposed change would be to - if a custom is accessed - record both the original view_id and the custom_view_id in the views_stats table.  That way, we know exactly who is using what in the system.


Dan Colbert




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