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Allow dimensions to be members of multiple hierarchies

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What is your idea?


Allow dimensions to be members of multiple hierarchies.


What problem are you trying to solve or what scenario would this idea solve?


Currently, if I require multiple hierarchies with common dimensions I am required to duplicate the dimensions.

These copies are required to have unique names so if I have say, three hierarchies on something like:


Hierarchy1: Region -> Program -> Project

Hierarchy2: Program->Region->Project

Hierarchy3: Project->Region->Program


I must have a naming convention which provides 3 copies of Program, 3 copies of Region, 3 copies of Project; each uniquely named.


My dashboards are already complex and this imposes additional complexity.


While this is a toy example, I have hierarchies which are 5 deep, and typically 3 or so permutations.  This leads to 15 new copies given the convention described above.


What workaround have you found and used so far (if any)?


I essentially create a convention where I name each based on the members of the hierarchy in order of precedence.  When the first letter conflicts, i include enough lower-case characters to differentiate.


Also, I only use copies in hierarchies so that they all are copied from the original, untouched field.


For instance, the hierarchies described above would be:


RPgP_HIER = RPgP_Region -> RPgP_Program -> RPgP_Project

PgRP_HIER = PgRP_Program -> PgRP_Region -> PgRP_Project

PRPg._HIER = PRPg_Project -> PRPg_Region -> PRPg_Program


While this works to manage the complexity, the names are terrible and I either have to re-alias everything, or hide the names.


When I can, I create dynamic hierarchies, however, more often than not, I must provide canned hierarchies.


What is your role in your organization?


Platform architect with some dashboarding and reporting assignments.




Treat hierarchies as a collection of hierarchial references to existing fields.  Remove any logic in tableau which assumes sole ownership of the dimension.  It seems straight forward but I say that with no knowledge of the application internals which lead to this limitation to begin with.


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