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JavaScript API: Option to Hide/Display Items on Visualization Toolbar

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When embedding visualizations into custom web applications, developers have the option to hide/display the visualization toolbar. This is good for most user functionality, but sometimes developers have the need to hide/display specific items on the toolbar.  For example, we created custom code to embed the WebEdit feature and display the edit screen in an iframe within our web application.  Therefore, we do not need to show the Edit option that is available on the visualization toolbar, as this can be confusing to our users.  If a user clicks the Edit option on the toolbar, the standard Tableau web edit feature is shown, instead of our customized web edit.


Approaches like the steps found in this blog ( can work, but it appears changing the CSS files hides the Edit option for both the embedded visualizations, and the views seen directly within Tableau server; not to mention that changes to CSS can be lost during an upgrade.  The only other option appears to be hiding the visualization toolbar altogether when embedding, which does work.  However, certain options like Custom Views do not appear to have a JavaScript API that enables rendering separately, like one can do with the download option pop-ups (e.g. showExportDataDialog, showExportPDFDialog, etc.).


It would be a really nice feature to be able to use the JavaScript API to hide/display items like Custom Views and Edit on the visualization toolbar.


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