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Tableau Server feature to edit Oracle Conneciton Service Name

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In a recent update of our Oracle server, the service name of our data changed.

At the workbook level, I can update each data source manually in the desktop view and republish. <Good! But time consuming.>

At the server level, I can update any other field involved in the connection details BESIDES the service name. <Bad!>


We have over 100 active workbooks (each with 1-5 different data sources).

So...without the ability to manipulate the service name via the Tableau Server, I have had to manually update each datasource per workbook with the new service name.

<The process looked a lot like this:: Download, wait to execute, edit connection, wait to execute, edit service name and re-enter password, wait to execute, (all previous steps redone for each additional datasource within a workbook), republish to server, wait to execute>


My proposal is that the ability to manipulate the service name within Tableau Server be added.

By doing this, one could simply edit the connections of all loaded datasources and save.


The first attached picture is the screen for desktop. (11.bmp)

The second attached picture is the current screen for server that would be very helpful if adjusted. (22.bmp)




Were this process implemented and an oracle (or other) connection's update required a service name change, the addition of this idea to features could add weeks of productivity to users!!


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