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Connect to Marketo from Tableau

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Hi all,


I'm a product manager here at Tableau and interested in how people would like to see and understand their Marketo data in Tableau. Some things I would be interested in finding out are:


How do you use Marketo? For example which features you do or do not use to help run your business.

What challenges are you facing using the built in reporting capabilities?

Would you be interested in combining your Marketo data with other data sources for analysis? If so, what are those data sources?


You can reply in this thread or feel free to reach out to me directly at


Thanks so much,


Drew Loika

Tableau Product Manager


--> Community Manager update [Ciara Brennan]

Marketo connector, released in version 10.1

10.1 Features | Tableau Software

Connect directly to your Marketo data in Tableau | Tableau Software


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