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Export views directly to Powerpoint   [RELEASED | 2019.1]

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IDEA:  In both Tableau Desktop and Tableau Server provide the option to export the current view directly to Powerpoint.


WHY IS THIS NEEDED:  In my organization it very common to produce visualizations in Tableau Desktop and have analysts/managers consume them in Tableau Server.  However, senior management and above are engrained in viewing information in Powerpoint.  We are working to change this over time, but in the meantime it is a firm requirement that the views produced in Tableau eventually be part of the Powerpoint deck for leadership.


CURRENT WORKAROUND 1:  Currently we have the option in Tableau to export an image or pdf.  Once exported we then take the image or pdf and insert it into Powerpoint.  Once the view is in Powerpoint it then needs to trimmed and resized to fit on the slide.  This usually results in a grainy or muddy image in Powerpoint and takes time to execute.


CURRENT WORKAROUND 2:  An alternative method I've been using for slide decks that require periodic updates (monthly, quarterly, etc.) is to build a dashboard specifically designed to be inserted in the Powerpoint deck.  This is accomplished by setting the width and height of the dashboard to match the area where the image will be inserted in the slide deck.  This takes quite a bit of trial and error to get right, but results in a simpler copy and paste experience because there is no need to resize the image once it's in Powerpoint.  This method also results in a crystal clear image in Powerpoint.  One major problem with this method is that the dashboards created in Tableau are rarely usable in Tableau because they get scaled to be very small on the display.


DESIRED OUTCOME:  Inserting Tableau views into Powerpoint is a common practice that will be present for a long time.  The current workarounds are time consuming and frustrating to execute.  Providing a method to more simply get views into Powerpoint with minimal manipulation will save time and reduce frustration for those of us making the PowerPoints, and provide an additional avenue for senior management to more effectively utilize their data.  The time saved can be reallocated to data exploration and discovery.  I believe this is aligned with the overall mission of Tableau.




2019.1 Release.

Export to PowerPoint  Tableau 2019.1 Features | Tableau Software

Integrate your Tableau dashboards directly into presentations with a single click.

Now you can easily export vizzes from Tableau Desktop, Server, or Online to PowerPoint as high resolution images, complete with a link back to the workbook.


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