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Add "historical_event_type" for Export or Download Data/PDF/Image

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What is your idea?


Add  "historical_event_type" when a user exports/downloads a report as crosstab/pdf/image.  (To be stored within the back-end Postgres database that provides such helpful server usage information).



What problem are you trying to solve or what scenario would this idea solve?


Users misuse reports / are often downloading data and creating things in Excel outside of our processes, etc.  We would like a moderate method to quantify which reports are most susceptible rather than blocking all download/export privileges.

Also a possible use-case for quantifying server usage, regardless of whether the behavior is desirable or not.  I.e. a different look at what reports are most actively used


EDIT - Another popular use case is for auditing data usage.  I.e. in the case of healthcare, auditing who has exported PHI and in what form. 


What workaround have you found and used so far (if any)?


None.  Either block all permissions or have a lot of meetings... and more meetings. 


Tableau's server usage statistics are a HUGE help to allocating resources - I think this would add another stride.



What is your role in your organization?


Tableau Admin


More Info:


Ideally, I believe the event type would be stored here:


select * from historical_event_types where name ilike '%download%' or name ilike '%export%';




EDIT - reorganized for easier reading


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