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Adjust Column Width on Tableau Server web edit   [RELEASED | 2018.1]

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When creating or modifying workbooks on Tableau Server.....  users experience the inability to adjust column width.  I know that there are ways to use the View Size on the top menu - but it is not adjusting the width of the dimension columns at all. Although, you can hover over each value individually and see what it is, there is very little room to display a customer, product or part name, and sales organization, only a small part of the value shows.


Impact is huge on usability and adoption since Tableau is selling server as a wonderful tool for adhoc.

Bottom line:  you cannot see your data.


1. when viewing online, you cannot see the entire name.  much of it is cut off.

2. when exporting it (pdf for example), it prints as shown on screen, so you also  get a very partial name on your export.  this really limits our web edit capabilities. request:  provide better methods of resize of column width.  the data should all display at the very least.  manual resize or auto adjust really should be the ultimate goal like any other tool or excel.  (even desktop doesn't do this part but should)



Tableau 2018.1

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