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Expose map zoom and center as functions

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Add several new functions that would return the 1) longitude of the map center, 2) latitude of the map center and 3) distance in kilometers between the upper left and bottom right corners of the map (representative of the zoom level).


The functions would return non-Null values only if they are being evaluated in the context of dimensions and measures that are used in a worksheet that displays a map.  Alternatively, the functions could take in the name of the map worksheet as a parameter and return the relevant values for that worksheet only.


This would allow many things, such as:

  1. Calculated field that would be used in a filter so that only the data points visible in the map would be included.
  2. Calculated longitude and latitude fields that would "snap" (ROUND()) the actual GPS long/lat of underlying data points by a factor that is determined by the current map zoom level.  This would allow for the grid size to adjust as the user zooms into the map.


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