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Add option to tabadmin backup so that http_requests is not truncated to the last 7 days (Released in 10.3)

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Currently, if you run "tabadmin backup", Tableau Server will remove all but the last 7 days worth of data in the http_requests table.


The admin doesn't always want to truncate http_requests as part of a backup.  It would be nice to have a option for tabadmin backup so that the http_requests table is not truncated.  Then, they can run tabadmin cleanup at a desired frequency.


Regarding alternatives:

  • Using hist tables instead of http_requests:
    • Although the history tables have a fair amount of information, it isn't as detailed as http_requests is.
  • Using incremental extract of http_requests
    • This method is good, but breaks if the TDE is lost for some reason.
  • Dumping to another DB:
    • It is understood that periodically dumping the info from https_requests from the repository into another database is usually the best solution, but it takes some setup.  Offering the admin a simpler option would be good.


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