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REST API: Refresh datasource extract from source (v. 11.0)

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We do a lot of nightly calculation and want to present the results to Tableau server as soon as they are ready (calculated). We use Google BigQuery to expose our data to Tableau server, but use a lot of extracts on those datasources.


To my surprise there was no API call to "refresh the Extract from Source". So I have a Feature Request for an additional API call:

(as described here (Refresh from source)


If this would be available I would trigger the extract refresh as soon as the calculations are finished.


Trigger an extract on the server:

POST /api/api-version/sites/<site-id>/datasources/<datasource-id>/extract


To Monitor the extraction progress:


GET /api/api-version/sites/<site-id>/datasources/<datasource-id>/extract


  • Indication when the "extract is running"
  • Indication when the "extract is waiting"
  • Indication when the "extract has finished"
  • Indication when the "extract has failed"


Important that the response has an indication when the event last happended







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