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Global Default Value Rules

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Populate default values in quick filters and parameters with values from centralized rules.



It makes it possible to change default values in many dashboards with a single action.

No more regular updates of default values in many many many individual dashboards on Tableau Server.

It is easier to maintain a few global rules than hundreds and even thousands of data sources and workbooks.



Make it possible to assign globale default rules to data fields (source and workbook level), quick filters, and parameters.

When a quick filter or parameter is assigned a global rule value, it is used to populate defaults when a dashboard is opened.

A default value rule could be a constant, current date, or [first/last] day of [previous/current] [week/month/quarter/year].

It could also be a simple calculation, such as current date - 7, or an advanced data source calculation.

These rules should also be  available  in calculations and filter conditions.

An overview of where rules are applied ought also to be available.



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