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Access to rest of Workbook/Sheet Meta-Data in Formula/Function

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My idea is quite a simple one...Can we have a function to access the rest of the workbook/sheet Meta-Data as we can with users. We have access to this in the Title construction.


Currently we have

Current MetaData Calcs.PNG


...But from 'dynamic' elements in Title set up we can use, 'Data Connection Name', 'Data Update Time' (If I could only have one this would be the one!), 'Sheet Name' and 'Workbook Name'.

Meta Data fields to add.png

I can see this being a very useful in a number of IF DATAUPDATETIME() < DATEADD('day',-1,TODAY()) THEN 'Data Not Updated since' + STR(DATAUPDATETIME()) END. And then expose this in a dashboard.


kettan just though I'd ping you as I've added this idea...It could go either Re: Tableau Forums Digest #11 or Re: Tableau Forums Digest #11


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