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Ability to hide the 'items selected statistical summary tooltip' and correct how it works

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None of us know what its called hence the rather descriptive name, but I'm talking about this -

It came about from this question and subsequent discussion >> Hide Part of Tooltip With Sum of Count(Number of Records)


We can disable tooltips, and their associated command buttons but the 'items selected statistical summary tooltip' seems to have been missed?! There has previously been this idea >> which is set to released but I don't believe it covers the above.

Id like the ability to disable this extra tooltip (whatever it maybe called )



Additional complimentary idea from Kettan - for corrrection:

It would be nice if an idea also requested correct summaries.

This could be solved in different ways:


  1. ignore selected totals - only summarize non-totals
  2. don't select totals when whole columns and rows are selected
  3. select all totals at the same level when a total is selected


This should still make it much easier to get quick and correct summaries of selected items.




A side note - Can Tableau forum add the word tooltip to the forum dictionary? Tableau calls it Tooltip but the forum software doesn't like it


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