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Format number as time duration

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Support formatting of numbers (seconds, minutes, hours, days) as duration.

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Support custom formatting such as:


232336seconds [h]"t "mm"m "ss"s"64t 32m 16s
3872.266667minutes [h]:mm:ss64:32:16
64.537778hours [h]:mm:ss64:32:16
2.689074days [h]:mm:ss64:32:16


Good predefined duration formats should be available from a drop-down list.

Custom formatting should also be possible.


Another challenge is that numbers formatted as duration also should be formatted as time in axis.

This means that axis should dynamically switch to the most appropriate time unit.



- It simplifies formatting of duration.

- Datediff calculations can be used as they are.

- Formatting numeric fields rather than datetime makes it easy to support negative durations and durations beyond 23:59:59 hours.



This idea came while reading  Negative Time Value  by  Michelle Mersereau.





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