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A way to retrieve last datasource update time via API

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Is anyone else absolutely as bewildered as I am that there is no way to do this?!!


How can you offer <Data Update Time> only in a sheet's title--which is useful in such limited capacities.


Make it available anywhere else, please, through REST API, through Javascript API, through a calculated field, ANYWHERE!


Some of Tableau's misses can be very frustrating. Don't get me wrong, I love Tableau's Data Engine. Just when I try to do larger projects with Tableau, I get 85-90% there and then am absolutely stonewalled. Going further at that point requires so much creative thinking from a hack perspective, that it creates incredibly large inefficiencies when those creative-thinking resources could be much better spent on more strategic development.


I just wish some of my Tableau projects didn't require heavily modified hacks (JavaScrip API + thousands of lines of custom logic to get around Tableau's shortcomings) just to achieve basic level functionality that you would expect from a server-side API.


It seems like Tableau really doesn't put much emphasis on it's non-administrative API offerings, which is a disappointment.


You guys do really well what you do well (e.g. ad-hoc analyses as a BI tool), but it seems like you sometimes leave developers out. We want to do cool stuff with Tableau too. Opening up your Data Engine more via API would be amazing--data calls returned in JavaScript objects or JSON, without dealing with worksheets and marks, is a start.


Anyway, in the interim, I'd like to request that you make this <Data Update Time> feature available somewhere that one of your APIs can access it directly, or indirectly, such as through a calculated field. It would make managing projects with multiple workbooks and datasources much more easy from an end-user governance perspective--especially when some datasources are updated on different refresh cycles.





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