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Allow custom administrative views in Tableau Online

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Currently the Status page for Tableau Online presents an embedded workbook with pre-defined filters which allow you to view traffic, actions, tasks etc.  To improve an admin's ability to monitor the Tableau Online environment, we need the ability to customize these views:


1) Permit remembering frequent filter values via a method such as the "Remember my changes" feature found on other workbooks.

(One useful example is in the Background Tasks tab:  one might want a different timeframe or task duration other than 1800 seconds)


2) Allow administrators to copy/modify the Status visualization workbook and re-publish for their own site's usage.


3) Allow direct access to the Postgres data (secured to the site) such as is possible with Tableau Server.  This correlates directly with #2 above.


--> Community Manager update [Ciara Brennan]

Tableau Online Admin Insights released with Tableau 2019.2   (Feature 96497)

Tableau 2019.2 Features | Tableau Software


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