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Correlated Subquery

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Support correlated subqueries including EXISTS conditions inside Tableau's comfort zone.



It could be made available as a level of detail expressiondynamic set,  and or

supported in data connections without the use of custom SQL.

It could also be via  pass-through (subquery) functions.



I will collect use scenarios as I meet them and share them below:


2018-02-07Emulating a Subquery  ( the correct answer has four solutions by  Jonathan Drummey )
2017-07-19IF [User] CONTAINS any of these 2500 Strings....
2017-07-11To identify patients with at least once the same diagnosis as recorded on Cause of Death
2016-09-21How to filter and choose a part of data?
2016-09-07Lookup a value from 2 tables (datetime)
2016-08-05Calculation inside a measure
2016-08-04Accessing Duplicate rows in a Column
2016-07-09Need help calculating time taken for every event
2016-03-31Get Subquery results directly in Tableau
2015-11-03Determining the number of days (gaps) between multiple date ranges
2015-10-13Count customers who are active this year but not active within past 'n' years
2015-05-27create lookup table
2015-05-26Something like a "Not Exists" SQL function
2015-05-22Using NOT IN?
2015-05-12create a calculated field that would check if the value in Column 2 exists in Column 1… 
2015-05-10How? Compare cell value to cell value in all other rows, count matches
2015-04-17Customers that have NOT ordered a product?
2015-03-27how to filter one item and view all matches
2015-01-07create dimension based on lookup table
2014-05-20how to implement "not exists" clause as in oracle?



Please share your use scenarios as comments to this idea.



SQL Window Functions

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allow group by (or raw sql) to define dynamic sets with more general conditions   Released


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