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Built in calendar which includes standard weekend and holidays

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The data in my sets rarely touches every day, there are typically 'missing' days.  Having a built in calendar would allow me to plot the full calendar first and then display the data that fell to each date.  Some will be 0 for that day but people would like to see this.


It could additionally be used for prorating dollars as a default capability.  If I have end dates on a contract which ends in the future if Tableau knew all dates out to say 2099 then I could very easily allocate my dollars across the entirety of the future calendar quite easily.  As it is with no built in calendar I am let doing some very clunky FY calculations at best that cannot get into and display it on a quarter/week/day granularity like a built in calendar would.


Of course including standard weekend and holidays for use in datediff calcs or even as a color option would be ideal as well.


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