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Easy way to disable automatically aliasing columns

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For some reason Tableau renames columns when connecting to a data source.


For example, a column named "has_AIDS" is automatically renamed to "Has Aids".  Not the same.


Prior to Tableau 9, this annoying behavior could be switched off by adding a  -DADM=0 to the end of the Tableau shortcut.  Full instructions here:


In Tableau 9, this workaround no longer works.  But there is a new, much more laborious workaround:


1. Connect to the data source, go to a worksheet and save the connection as a .tds file by right clicking on the data source and selecting 'Add to Saved Data Sources...'. Disconnect from the data source.

2. Open the saved data source with a text or xml editor.

3. Search for the xml tag '<aliases enabled='yes' />' and change 'yes' to 'no'.

4. Reconnect to the saved data source (.tde)


I would love to be able to check off a box that says "Don't rename the columns in the database". 


The DB architect went to a lot of trouble to name the columns.  It amazes me that the default behavior is to override it  AND provide no easy way of turning it off.




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