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Allow dashboard consumers to choose Relative Date Anchor

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Please allow dashboard consumers to choose relative date anchor.



To give dashboard consumers more post-analysis freedom.

To give dashboard authors more pre-analysis default options.



Add relative anchor options in filter dialog which dashboard consumers can choose between:

Allow dashboard consumer to choose Relative Date Anchor.png

Pre-defined dynamic anchor options could be Today, Max Date, and possibly others too.

The constant date anchor option should default to Today or Max Date depending on what is chosen.

It might be useful to have an option for dashboard authors to disable/hide the anchor option.



This idea was triggered by dialog with  Manoj Ramachandra  in  Seeking help on date filters.

Other influences are  The specified item was not found.  and  More User Control In Dashboards.



Relative date filter anchor

Date filter: Allow end user to switch between relative dates and range of dates

Quick filters : Default Value

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