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Has Alias Field Indicator

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Please make it visible if fields & parameters have members with aliases.



Because field & parameter member aliases are not recognized in calculated fields

It is a flag that keeps dashboard authors aware of potential issues

It reduces number of errors in dashboards

It reduces time spent debugging

It educates [hints] users about issues related to member aliases



The asterisk symbol is already in use for Has Alias and thus also good to use as field & parameter indicator:

Has Alias Field Indicator.png

The indicator should also be seen in Describe Field and Edit Data Source window as suggested  here.

Some warning should be seen in the calculated field editor as suggested  here.

Quick overview on/off button that emphasizes aliases in use in canvas, filters, etc.



Data item indicators

Indicator for renamed field name

Use ‘Groups’ in Calculated fields

Workbook Consistency Check

Alert of Aliases in Calculated Fields



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